Our Vision

Precision Event Management places the utmost importance on the highest standards of customer service and creativity to strategize and formulate effective options that maximize the budget of our clients without concessions on ingenuity, integrity, and competency.  

The Client Process

We consider ourselves your event partner and will work closely with your team to understand your business, the purpose of your event and define the kind of experience you want for your guests.  During our consultation we invite honest communication and talk through every aspect to determine what degree of planning your require. After the consultation we will then send you a custom proposal with a few levels of planning and how Precisions' advantage will be the best addition to your team where you can decide to proceed from there.

Client Expectations

Client Briefing for confidential personalized collaborative service
Strategic Analysis for expert consultations focused on innovative results
Customized Proposal to ensure defined expectations and goals
Project Timelines & Progress Reports for well executed plans
Final Debriefing to measure success and objectives

From conception to completion and the creative steps in between we take your vision and ensure that your message is incorporated into every detail of your event.

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From start to finish we assist you create experiences that innovative and inspire. 
Budget Allocation
Accommodation & Travel Arrangements
Site Visit & Selection
Third Party Contract Management
Ground Transportation
Special Activities
Photography & Video Coordination
Insurance & License Procurement
Legal Compliance

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We assist with achieving the best way for the event to look and flow for maximum audience engagement.
On-site Management
Hospitality & Guest Services
Venue Managment
Audio & Visual Coordination
Show Direction
Stage Management
Strategic Management
Theme Design & Decor

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The key to a successful implementation plan is clear organization of your event expectations.
Project Planning
Client Consulting
Event Marketing Services
Sponsor Account Management
Event Proposals
Business Communications
Staff Coordination
Post Event Evaluation

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You are only as good as your team. We can effectively lead the best talent to get the job done. 
Incentive & Reward Programs
Training & Professional Development

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Talent Acquisition: Keynote sourcing
Hospitality Suites
Entertainment Booking Arrangements
Welcome Packages

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