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As business trends are always changing, an increasing number of organizations have recognized the advantage of event marketing programs and the benefit of hiring a professional event manager. Our company has helped clients understand that the impact of impressive event marketing delivers a depth of impressions unlike any other medium. 


Our aim is to become an extension of your organization, and have the ability to offer full-service event planning solutions through our respected network of partnerships to ensure all logistical considerations are taken into account, avoiding costly mistakes.  


In a corporate world where mistakes cannot happen we believe that your time is better spent accomplishing company business and our goal is to deliver ingenious events that effectively deepen brand awareness, with the highest possible degree of quality and precision.


With so many event planners out there you need a professional that fits your company’s goals and won’t leave you with amateur planning.  If you agree with our qualities, we are the best option for your next event

* We are established on the principles of quality, ethics & client loyalty
* Our experience gives you the right advice to ensure smooth delivery
* With fixed project pricing you won’t be billed for minor variations along the way 
*Adapt an open and inviting system of communication
* We embrace traditions where it works and step outside the
box everywhere else to effectively culminate your goals. 


Simone Holness-Webb 
Principal Planner & Owner of Precision Events 

For eight years Simone has been providing event coordination and management executing both large and intimate events for various clients and organizations.  With a solid reputation for her attention to details and seamlessly delivering impeccably executed events and engaging experiences she started her company Precision Event Management to ensure top notch service and results that are affordable and accessible to individuals, start-up/small businesses, and organizations requiring solid event structure & project planning.