We've Heard Your Questions

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What Does A Planner Do?

In a nutshell? An Event Planner coordinates the phases of pre-production, logistical & operational aspects of an event. 

How this benefits you? Our expertise plays an important role in the research, design, organization, supervision, and evaluation that individuals often find they lack where an independent planner can save your valuable time give your special event the attention it deserves.

Why Can't I Do It Myself?

Delivering an event can be challenging. Rather then watch yourself slowly and unwillingly transform into a ball of stress, the idea behind having an experienced professional Event Planner is the relief that you have a single window of access to essential event services bringing your vision to life.

Feel confident that hiring a planner can save you hours of time that is better spent focusing on your business, in return for experienced guidance and a much lighter workload and peace of mind.

What Type of Events Do You Plan?

All types!  Our team's widespread experience specializes in planning and executing numerous types of corporate, and social events that are personalized to contribute to your brand message and the success of your event.  Our belief is that the skills and resources used on all events are transferable.  We take our background and combine it with your ideas to welcome new cutting edge and customized events in any space, of any size.

Why Hire Us?

Successful events reflect the expertise invested in organizing them. Our measure twice, cut once approach to deliver high quality produced events with grace and control eliminates the guesswork and maintains efficiency throughout your event. We dedicate ourselves to this intuitive management approach sealing our commitment to superior customer service.  Whether short or long-term projects we ask the right questions to strategize and create successful campaigns.  From the very beginning of your initial consultation we open lines of communication with honesty and provide professional advice to determine if we are the best addition to your team.

The truth is all planners love what they do!  We at Precision Events are passionate about our work.